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August 22, 2007
Changes, they be coming.

Please note that there is a web site out there called FanFiction Directory. That site has nothing to do with this one.

I will be working on this site over the next couple months so don't be surprised if the look and layout change. People can now make instant changes to any links they own. Also, if you have submitted a broken link or feedback, the email was most likely lost during a computer move.

July 15, 2007
If you would like the short story of why the Directory has been so badly neglected, please read this forum message. It would also help if you posted a note or a comment so I know if people are still using this. You do not have to register to post.

Enter the Directory!!!!

Please report ANY problems you may come across as well as any suggestions. (This includes any categories that are completely empty. The best way to report anything is to use the Feedback Form but, if for some reason the form doesn't work, send email to

By the way (and this is very important), bookmark this page only!!!! All the other pages are dynamic and subject to change without notice.

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