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Last Updated: November 17, 2002

Unicorn King by Megan Giles. Used with permission 2000

The People of Rathorn

There are many people involved in The Rathorn Tales, some people who haven't even been created yet and some who appear in other stories as well.

Big Badger Hoag-Tash Humans
Hunds Kirien Rathorn
Shiketo Taz

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Big Badger

Big Badger is a member of an unknown species, the only member of his species on Rathorn. He looks very much like a very large Earth badger. It is unknown if he is sentient but the Rathorns work under the premise of "Well, he might be so we'll leave him alone unless he proves a threat". It's a situation that works very well. Big Badger can teleport short distances.

His constant companion is the Confederation Human, Pala, who happens to be an anthropologist studying Big Badger.


A massive creature, there is only one known. No one is certain where he came from, though definitely from another world. His fur is normally a swirl of tawny and brown but changes color and texture as needed. His tail is very long, thick at the base and thinning down it's length, plus it is prehensile. . .the Hoag-Tash can use it to not only grip things but also to grasp a stylus and write. Of his three eyes, two are regularly placed with the third "cyclops" eye up and between them (which is normally closed as it detects heat and isn't used all the time. When he does use it, he closes the other two eyes.). He has two alarmingly long, sharp saber teeth but is an omnivore, switching from meat to vegetable as needed.

His fur is actually in three layers: a short inner layer, a long outer layer (which changes color and texture), and a seasonal middle layer. The middle layer is harvested yearly by the Rathornians, who use it in a variety of ways, including the making of the decorative plates the Shiketo wear.

The Hoag-Tash is actually very friendly with the other sentient species and it takes a lot to tick him off. Even when angry, he'll rarely injure a sentient being but he will attack shuttles and other inanimate objects. He's pretty close to indestructible (having been known to walk across the floor of the ocean days on end and hibernate in live volcanoes. Speculation runs to whether the Hoag-Tash can survive the vacuum of space but no one's dared try it.). Though the Hoag-Tash is referred to as "he", it is unknown if he is male or female and it is suspected he is actually both. The Hoag-Tash is very adaptable; after meeting the Rathornians, the Hoag-Tash began to grow an arm (in the center of his chest at the top of the breastbone. Not very far grown as yet but getting there)

The Hoag-Tash has taken to wearing a harness, which is well-hidden by his fur.


The Humans of Rathorn are divided into two different camps: Rathornians and Confederation Humans. Rathornians are divided into "Families". Some of these Families are:

Bishop: Dark skin, light (usually white) hair, green or blue eyes.
Heinlein: fairly tall, well-built with red hair and green eyes
Kender: Shorter with stocky builds, dark hair and eyes
Shanir: Tall, pale-skinned with silvery hair and blue-gray eyes (yes, they are from the same batch as McQueen). They were adopted by the Rathorn, Hellspawn.

Carl (Bran): Dancer

Carl is a dancer, currently playing Alonzo with CATS: the Interstellar Production. He is off-world for months at a time, making a point of coming back during the rain season, when the dig is closed and he can spend time with Llewelyn and Skrye. It's understood that this time is his and Llewelyn's. Usually Skrye is very pregnant and doesn't mind. . .too much.

Carl is partnered with Llewelyn Shanir and Skrye Bishop. Since he has no interest in Skrye sexually, his relationship with her is more that of a sibling's, though early in the relationship, it was stormy with jealousy. Even so, he has three children by her.

Elspeth (Shanir): Xenobiologist

The smallest of the Shanir, she is one of the few people that can roam outside of the Safe Areas without fear. She studies the native Rathorns.

Femi (Kencyr): Dancer

A dancer partnered with Mandy, Puck, and Signey. She currently plays Cassandra in CATS: The Interstellar Production.

Gary (Shanir): artist


Born on the Confederation planet, Nervana, now living on Rathorn. Henk does the mandatory talk ("Rathorn: The People, The Places, The Pleasures, the Perils") to everyone going down to Rathorn.

Honor (Shanir):

Commander of the Blood and Ivory Rage of Rathorns

Standing as tall as her brothers (at 6'), she commands a Rage of Rathorns (nine Confederation war ships). She is partnered with the chief security officer and the chief researcher of the Blood and Ivory. They have no children as yet but do have several frozen embryos stored in the Womb Room on Rathorn.

Illyana (Shanir):

Daughter of Mandy and Puck. She has ambitions of being the first female to play Misto in CATS. Nicknamed Magik.

Jacob (Shanir)

Jacy (Shanir): Doctor

Joshua (Shanir)


Llewelyn (Shanir): Archeologist

Llewelyn is of average height for a Shanir (6'1") with a muscular build. Years of working in the sun have tanned his skin to bronze and his hair (normally worn short) is totally white. Even his eyes have faded to a light silver. He and his team are currently digging up the ruins of a city in the Ebonbane mountains.

Llewelyn is partnered in a three-way marriage with Skrye Bishop and Carl Bran. They have thirteen children.

Mandy (Shanir): Dancer.

About the same height as McQueen but very lean with lots of hidden muscle, built up from years of dancing. For several years, his hair was very long (he'd grown it long to play the part of Firesong in the Mage-Wind/Mage-Storm series), almost to the floor but he's taken to cutting it short a foot at a time, much to the chagrin of his partner. His current role is as Rum Tum Tugger on CATS: The Interstellar Production.

He's been partnered with Puck Pierson for over 17 years. They have three children: twins Joshua and Jacob and Illyanna. Both have just entered into a long-term contract with Femi and Signey .

Mazziani (Shanir): the planet's administrator.

He's the tallest of the Shanir, standing 6'4", with broad shoulders and a muscular build. His hair is silvery-blond and shoulder-length, usually worn in a ponytail. He switches from clean-shaven to lightly-bearded to a goatee as the mood takes him.

He's been partnered with Shard Bishop pretty much from decanting. (Rumor has it they ended up literally  nose to nose and have been together ever since.) They have nine children.



Shard (Bishop): Moderator

Shard is one of the trade moderators on Rathorn. She is partnered with Mazziani Shanir and has been pretty much from decanting. They have nine children.


Skrye (Bishop): Archeologist

Skrye is partnered with Llewelyn Shanir and Carl Bran and has children by them both (though Carl's are from artificial insemination).







Darkness Rising

Kero's mother, very protective of her daughter. The planet dreads the day Kero starts dating. . .they fear they will be finding pieces of boyfriends all over the planet.




The mother of the Shanir, she is very opinionated and protective of her children.


One of the few male Rathorns allowed in Safe Area/Borderlands.


Cassandra (Lilac-Point Siamese)

Cassandra is in command of the Shiketo trading enclave on Rathorn. She is female.

Gary didn't like the Cassandra commonly seen on CATS and redesigned the look when he redid the Cassandra decorative plates (she was originally a Seal-Point). Her constant companion is a burgundy flat cat which she keeps in her environmental suit.

Caster (Cas)
Pollux (Pol)

Cassandra's twins, sex as yet unknown (or maybe undecided). They are often found with the planet's "child packs", running wild with the other younglings of the planet. They wear black and white environmental suits.

Coricopat "Cori"
Tantimelle "Tanti"

Cori and Tanti are known as the Twins. They stick together and tend to move in synch, like their namesakes. They often act as moderators and can usually be found perched on the Hoag-Tash's back. Both are neuter.


One of the newest Shiketo CATS and the first to join simply because he wanted to learn how to dance. He's fairly small for a Shiketo, barely 5'9" and is male. (rather confusing considering his CATS persona is female)

Jemina (Calico)

Jemina has lived most of her life on Rathorn and is best friends with Kero.

Mistopholis "Misto" (Tuxedo Cat)

Misto is perhaps the shortest fully-grown Shiketo seen, standing barely 5'7". He was the first to actually take up dancing and often takes Puck's place during rehearsals of CATS. He is male.

Mungojerrie "Mungo" (Calico)
Rumbleteaser "Rumple" (Calico)

Mongo and Rumple take after their namesakes in alarming ways and the Rathornians haven't helped (they taught them how to pick pockets, for one thing). Mungo is herma; Rumple is female.

Munkastrap "Munk" (gray Tabbie)

Munk is the captain on the Merchant Ship, Paws. He is male.


Plato is the friendliest of the Shiketo, the most tolerant of young Rathornians perching on her head and shoulders. She often takes part in CATS rehearsals, doing the Rumple Cat and Macavity. She is a neuter and another confusing one. . her persona is male.


It's almost impossible to individualize the Tazs, especially since they like to confuse other beings by dressing identically. Occasionally, individuals will add colorful bandanas or sashes to their uniforms so that other beings can tell them apart. However, some beings have begun to suspect the Tazs switch bandanas/sashes as the mood takes them. For this reason, individual Tazs are not being described.

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