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Unicorn King by Megan Giles. Used with permission 2000

Species of Rathorn

There are many species on Rathorn, both sentient and non-sentient.


Barbororsian Big Badger Boys, The
Breedling Catling DeathClaws
Hoag-Tash Human Hund
Ish-Kiri Kirien Minotaur
Phoenix Rathorn Shiketo
Taz Timnor


Campo Gigantolope Katcher

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Note: Intelligence Scale versus Sentiency Scale. Intelligence measures how smart, on an average, a species is while Sentiency measures how Sentient, on an average, a species is. In the Confederation, Sentiency is defined by a species reasoning ability and (more importantly) how a species treats not only other sentient species but also their planet and the non-sentient being on it. To find out how various species rank on the Intelligence/Sentiency Scale, check out this table.

Sentient Species


The term Barborosians actually covers a number of humanoid species, all descended from the same base stock (the common claim is that this base stock is feline/lupine in nature).

All-Terran (or Rov'r): These Barborosians look very much like Earth Humans but, as they constantly remind all Earthers, they aren't Human or anything close to Human. They are kiddingly called All-Terran because, unlike most of the Barborosian Races, they can and do comfortably travel and live throughout the entire planet with all it's climates. They have excellent eye sight and hearing and are capable of following scents. By dislocating their hips, they can run quickly on all fours. They also possess a third lung that inables them to breath underwater.

Aquatic: The ancestors of the Aquatics left the sea but elected to return to it. In one ocean, the Selkie developed, dwelling on the surface of the ocean in floating villages while on the other sde of the world, Myr created their villages on the floor of the ocean.

Myr: Myr live deep in the ocean, in villages built on the ocean floor. While still having the basic biped form, they have no hair. Instead, both sexes have a frill from forehead to neck nape (though males tend to be more brightly colored). Their fingers and toes are long with webbing between them. Their skin appears to be scaley and coloration varies. They have gills along their torsos and can remain under water indefinately. They can leave the water only for short periods of time.

Selkie: Selkie dwell in ocean-floating villages. They normally have dark hair, dark eyes, and green or blue skin. Their lung capacity is very large and they are capable of staying under the water for an hour or more at a time.

Avian: There are two types of Avians, those with feathered wings and those with leather wings.

Feathered: The tree-dwelling Feathered Avians have feathered wings, with feathers instead of hair and talons on toes and fingers.

Leathered: The mountain-dwelling Leathered Avians have bat-like wings.

Dwarf: The people who would later develop into the Dwarf race took to living in a massive cave system. Each generation was a little shorter then the previous one; now they average four feet tall. Their eyesight is now more suited for night vision and they rarely go out during the brightest times of the day (though many have taken to wearing sun goggles). Their hearing is more acute then most races but their sense of smell is distinctly less acute. Due to their short, socky build, Dwarves are no longer able to run on all fours and their third lung has mutated into an air cleansing device to inable them to breathe dusty air easily.

Dwarves are very closely linked to the earth, able to sense any pollution or poisoning of the land. Because of this, Dwarves are often hired to survey worlds and are welcome additions to new colonies. Once a Dwarven colony arrives on a new planet, select members are sent on a planet-circling journey of the new world. This journey gives these Dwarves an intimate knowledge of the world, enabling them to "feel" things that happen on other parts of the world. (Example: Thorne, of Rathorn, can tell when an earthquake occurs on the other side of the planet.) Also, Dwarves are able to identify where anything from the land (metal, jewels, etc) comes from. Dwarves make excellent engineers and often work as ship engineers.

Arctic: Arctic Dwarves are descendants of a band of Mountain Dwarves who were hired by Arctic Giants to build a bigger and better city. While still fundumently the same as Mountain Dwarves, Arctic Dwarves are better able to handle freezing weather then their desert and mountain cousins. Over the generations, Arctic Dwarves have gotten taller; the average height now being 5 foot 3 inches.

Desert: Desert Dwarves are fairly rare with only one large Desert Dwarven city still in existence. (Most Desert Dwarves have long since moved back to the mountains.) Like Arctic Dwarves, they are starting to get taller.

Mountain: The most common type of Dwarf.


Giant: The Giant race started appearing in the Arctic; the Barbrosians living there started getting taller and taller and developing abilities that help them survive in the frgid cold. They lost the ability to run on all fours (though they do remain very limber) and the third lung evolved into a device that helps filter and warm the cold air they breathe. Now averaging nine feet tall, the Giants have also developed the ability to regulate their body heat. It is not uncommon to see Giants out in the ice wastes wearing little more then loinclothes.

Treean: Treeans are covered with short fur and possess sharp teeth, prehensile tails, grasping toes, and claws. Fur coloring varies from white, tawny, black, deep blue, gray, etc, etc. Treeans have proven to be accomplished pilots. By dislocating their hips, they can run quickly on all fours. They also possess a third lung that inables them to breath underwater.

Interesting Note: While the Shiketo refer to Earth Humans as "red-stink-creatures", they do not use this reference with Barborosians.

Big Badger

The particulars of Big Badger's species are unknown. For a picture, please see People of Rathorn.

Boys, The



Catlings are humoniod cats, averaging less then 3 feet in height. They often act as security and are partnered with Barborosian Wyhr, whom they ride.

DeathClaws (Kaliban)



The particulars of the Hoag-Tash's species are unknown.


Earth Humans: Earth Humans come from the planet Earth and are considered a separate species from Confederation Humans.



Furless dog-like creatures with long-fingered hands capable of using tools and weapons. They are very intelligent and came to the planet with the Tazs (though they may not be from the same planet as the Tazs). They are white with dark eyes and beak-like mouths. They sometimes serve as mounts to the Tazs and often play the "dumb animal" routine. Hunds can speak several languages, including English and Taz.




The Kirien are very much a mystery (at least to Earthers and that's the way it will remain for quite a long time). They appear to be humanoid Rathorns. They stand anywhere from 7 to 9 feet tall and are humanoid in appearance, with horse-like hind legs and a horse's head with the Rathorn armor. Like the Rathorns, females have the nasal tusk, males the "unicorn" horn. Like Rathorns, males are rarely seen. Their favored weapon is a double-bitted axe. They are able to teleport to any place they have been before, no matter what the distance. Select Kirien are able to open teleport gateways (similar to the Rathorns but Kirien can set them up between planets).


The only sentient species known to be endangered. It is illegal to harm a Minotaur (yes, they are humanoid bull-like creatures) in any way. It isn't unusual for Minotaurs to end wars by simply walking into the thick of battle and they often travel on ships going into war-torn areas. No species is stupid enough to attack a ship or planet with a Minotaur on it. Every sentient species even remotely connected with the Confederation knows that such an action will end with the Confederation attacking them. There is probably one visiting Rathorn.


Rathorns are the native sentient species of the planet. They resemble an Earth horse but with a natural ivory armor that grows to form breast/belly plates, foreleg greaves, flank armor, and head plating. The ivory grows throughout their entire lives and will eventually entomb them. Females have a nasal tusk, males have a "unicorn" horn. They are very intelligent but hampered by their inability to use tools. Up until 19 years ago, they used mainly body language to communicate with others. Now they are capable of using computers to communicate with the other species now inhabiting their planet. By holding a specially-designed device in their mouths, they can type out their responses. It can be tedious so they have worked out a shorthand language. Rathorns are meat-eaters and will kill and consume beings who are not supposed to be on their planet, regardless of whether they are sentient or not. Females are very much the majority. Male Rathorns are rarely seen. Rathorns can open teleport gateways that enable them to travel swiftly across the planet (but not off the planet. . .at least not yet).

Rathornians: The 279 In Vitros left behind by the Mining Company and their descendents are known as Rathorians.


Also called "Chigs". Not inhabitants of the planet but regular visitors. They have four (possibly five) sexes: male, female, both (Herma), neuter. (Male and herma Shiketo are referred to as "he" while female and neuter Shiketo are referred to as "she"). The Rathorns' total opinion of the Shiketo is that "they're not edible so why bother with them". Many of the regular visitors to Rathorn have acquired decorative "Cats" armor and often use the names of their Cats counterpoint. At first the Shiketo were simply going along with this now they actually seem to enjoy it. Some have gone so far as to assume some of their Cats characteristics. (For example: Cori and Tanto are rarely apart from each other and often move and act in perfect synch.)


The Tazs are a space-faring military/mercenary race who have been looking to settle on a planet for decades. They are offered a place on Rathorn in exchange for their services as a security force. The Tazs are small humanoids with white skin, pink eyes, sharp pointed teeth, and long arms. They are fairly hard to tell apart so the individuals are often called just Taz and, since it's difficult to tell male from female, all are referred to as "she". They don't seem to mind. Due to a severe difference in vocal arrangement, they cannot speak English but do understand it. They often perch on the shoulders of taller species and tend to travel in the trees. The latter gives them an unique advantage over the other species. . .the Rathorns can't reach them in the trees so they can travel safely outside the "Safety Zone" without fear.

Two shiploads of Tazs have settled on Rathorn. A third shipload is in negotiations to move to the planet.


Timnor are wolf-like humanoids, some of whom have migrated to Rathorn.

Non-Sentient Species


Small, two-legged forest-dwelling lizards. Their bite is poisonous enough to bring down a Gigantalope; they usually bring down prey by darting into large groups and biting their chosen prey. They will then retreat and wait for the victim to fall and the herd moves on so they eat at their leisure.

Tazs are immune to Campo poison so they usually take the outside when traveling through forests that hold Campo populations. They also consider Campos a delicacy and are probably the only species Campos are actually afraid of.

Campos migrate heavily throughout the rainy season and is one of the reasons Rathornians retreat to underground dwellings during this time.



Gigantalopes are huge creatures, some are larger then the Hoag-Tash. They serve as the primary meat source of Rathorns, Rathornians, the Hoag-Tash, and Big Badger. Because of their size, only a few are killed each year. The horns are valuable off-world.


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