Interlude XXX

What happens between Ham and Fontana
A mindless sex scene with no redeeming qualities whatsoever

Basking in the afterglow of their first frenzied coupling, Ham watched as Fontana idly trailed his fingers through the traces of their combined seed. Absently he raised his hand to his lips, licking the thick cream from his fingers and Ham's breath caught, his body responding to the sight. Fontana noticed and smiled, offering him his hand. Ham leaned close, drawing his tongue along the salty skin, licking at the cream that remained.

He felt Fontana move closer, nuzzling at his shoulder, drinking in his scent and Ham chuckled. Pushing Fontana onto his back, he moved over him, body against body. Together they nuzzled at each other, enjoying the heady scent of sex and lust. Lips skimmed over lips, hands stroking along skin then Ham was moving down the other's body, teasing a nipple here, licking skin clean there until he reached the dark curly hair between Fontana's legs.

Fontana watched as Ham nuzzled the thickening shaft, drawing his tongue along it to the crown then abruptly taking it fully into his mouth. He felt his breath leave him with a whoosh and he gasped with pleasure as Ham sucked lightly at him, his tongue dancing along the blunt head then the moist warmth left him. He almost whimpered with frustration.

Ham smiled at the sounds Fontana were making as he nuzzled the shaft one last time before moving further downward to the swollen sac beneath. He licked it lightly, drawing first one of it's contents then the other into his mouth. Nuzzling the sac to one side, he began to tongue the tender skin underneath, working his way down to the opening into Fontana's body.

Fontana raised his legs, shifting to give Ham room as he traced the tight ring of muscle, working his tongue inside then drawing it out to once again tease the sensitive skin between anus and scrotum. Ham moved back down to work the other's opening, feeling it dilate under his ministrations. Even so ...

"Lubricant." He rasped. "We need ..." There was a thump near his head and he grinned at the bottle of lubricant now resting there. It was, he noted, an Earth brand. "I'm not going to ask where you got that."

"Smart." Fontana rasped. "Now use it!"

Shifting to his knees, Ham popped the bottle open and applied it directly to Fontana's opening, using the pads of his fingers to gingerly work the lubricant in, reflecting that having claws did have it's downside. Fontana's breathing quickened and he raised his legs, spreading them further apart.

"Now." Fontana whimpered. "Now. Please?" The last word was almost a whimper and Ham grinned, reaching for more lubricant and smearing it on himself. Moving close, he guided the thick head of his cock to that still too-small opening. He worked the head inside, pausing at the flash of pain on the other's face. Murmuring reassurances, Ham began to move with short thrusts, watching as the pain faded from Fontana's face, replaced by the pleasure of being entered, of being taken by another. Ham groaned with pleasure, thrusting into the heat surrounding him.

Fontana fell back onto the blanket, crying out softly with every hard thrust. Ham held his legs firmly up and apart, ramming in as deeply as he could manage then drawing out as far as he could without actually leaving the other's body. Fontana licked at his fingers then stroked his nipples, feeling them harden at his touch. His hands moved downward, toward his own lust-thickened shaft but Ham suddenly released his legs, letting them fall onto his shoulders before grabbing at his hands, forcing them down to the floor.

Fontana cried out in protest and Ham chuckled almost evilly. "Oh, no. I have plans for that." He said harshly as he continued thrusting into Fontana. All too soon he could feel himself reaching the edge and he stopped moving, breathing deeply until the urge passed and he could start moving again.

Underneath him, Fontana groaned in frustration. Every deep thrust scraped Ham's hardness against that gland deep inside his body, sending shivers of pleasure through him. His cock bounced against his skin or against Ham's, increasing the need to come but every time he came close, Ham would pull back.

Ham grinned down at the man beneath him, seeing the frustration in his eyes and the flush to his skin. He managed to drive off the urge to come three times before need caught him unawares and he was crying out incoherently as he came. His hands tightened on the other's wrists almost painfully as he drove as deeply as he could into the other's body. He continue to move, short frenetic thrusts until, at last, with a final full-body shudder, he stopped, still braced over the other man.

Raising his head, he met Fontana's eyes, half-mad with lust and need. He smiled, his eyes roaming down to see the hard cock and swollen balls. He knew what was going to happen once he released Fontana and his smile deepened. He moved back, slipping free of the other's body, not surprised to realize he was still half-hard. It had been such a long time ... He released Fontana's hands.

The next moment he was face down on the blanket, Fontana already covering his body, hard cock pressed against him. Ham shivered with anticipation then, to his surprise, Fontana was moving back. He looked over his shoulder at the man, seeing the hot glitter in his eye.

"How long has it been?"

"Years." And it had been. Here, on Earth, he'd had to be alpha wolf in everything. It had been years since he could play the submissive, could allow another man to enjoy his body. Oh, he liked being on top but sometimes he wanted to be the one underneath, to be mounted, to be taken ... He felt his cock harden even more at the thought.

Fontana's smile deepened. "Roll over." He murmured and Ham obeyed, laying on his back, his legs parted. Fontana moved closer to cover him, hard bodies pressed together. He studied Ham for a long moment then lowered his head to lick lightly at the other's chin. Ham sucked in his breath, eyes widening. He'd almost forgotten ... he groaned as Fontana moved downward, nuzzling and licking at the underside of his jaw where the scent glands were located. Done correctly, it was intensely erotic and Fontana definitely knew how to do it. Ham whimpered as the other man shifted to nibble lightly on his throat, where the blood throbbed and stretched his head back, exposing his throat in a gesture of submission. Fontana closed sharp teeth on the exposed skin, accepting the offer then resumed nuzzling under his jaw.

Ham found himself gripping Fontana's shoulders, moaning with almost mindless pleasure as Fontana continued to work the erotically responsive areas of his throat. Caught up in this intense pleasure, he was actually surprised to realize that Fontana was entering him. With a groan, he wrapped his legs around the other man, pulling him closer and fully into him, grimacing briefly at the pain then relaxing as Fontana began to move with hard even thrusts.

"You like it this way, eh?" He rasped, grinning at the look on Fontana's face. "Face to face?"

"I like it any way. Chim prefers this way." He grinned. "I took a chance."

"Not ... surprised." Ham groaned, his hand groping downward to stroke his hard cock. To his relief, Fontana made no move to stop him.

"You take men here?" Fontana continued. "Hmmm?" He gave a savagely hard thrust and Ham gasped.

"Some. Mostly for pay. Have had ... had to hide ..." His voice faltered as he lost his train of thought under the need to come. Fontana's hand slipped down to press firmly against a nerve between his legs and Ham cried out in protest as the need faded.

"Not yet, lover. Not yet." He continued to thrust, watching the other's face. "Have any of them taken you?"

Ham swallowed hard, looking away and Fontana frowned, sensing something was wrong. "Kom?"

"I've had to be in control always." Ham evaded.


Ham hesitated then sighed. "Not willingly." He finally responded and Fontana's eyes narrowed. "It was years ago and they're all dead. I barely remember it." The last part was said in a wooden tone and Fontana stopped moving, studying the other's face, now expressionless. He was, Fontana realized, lying, more to himself then to his lover.

"Berserker?" He asked quietly and Ham nodded. Being berserker did have its advantages. Gently Fontana stroked Ham's body, watching as pleasure danced across the other's face. After a moment, he leaned close, kissing Ham intensely, moving gently with firm strokes, replacing any bad memories that remained with new ones. Ham responded eagerly, one hand on Fontana's hip, urging him on, the other stroking himself until, at last, he was crying out, warm fluid splattering them both. Fontana gasped as Ham tightened almost painfully around him. With a groan, he caught Ham's lips with his own, thrusting his seed deeply into the other man. Empty at last, he pulled himself free and stretched out next to Ham, drawing him into his arms.

"Talk to me." Fontana said firmly and Ham stiffened, unable to draw away because of Fontana's tight hold and, he had to admit, his own reluctance to do so. "Talk to me." Fontana repeated, this time in a gentler tone and after a long moment, Ham did.

Author Notes: Not much to say really.

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