Circle of Fire


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Circle of Fire

by KB


Michael T. Weiss

as Jarod Charles

Andrea Parker

as Morgan Ritter

Patrick Bauchau

as Sydney Ritter

Jon Gries

as Lazslo Broots

Guest Starring
(in order of appearance)

Sam Ayres

as Sam Arnold
Robert Duncan MacNeill

as Peter Winston
Russell Crowe

as Alastair Arnold
Justine Waddell

as Julia Becker
Emilia Fox

as Maria Thermann
David Boreanaz

as Yuri
Hugh Jackman

as Sebastian
Calista Flockhart

as Keely MacKenzie

Rebecca Gibney

as Lauren Taylor

Brett Climo

as Steve Taylor
Leigh Taylor-Young

as Michelle Stamatis

George Clooney

as Lucian Bruce (Valentine)

Tyler Christopher

as Ethan
Sigrid Thornton

as Elizabeth
Kelsey Mulrooney

as Debbie Broots
Susan Gibney

as Kim (Walker) Ritter
Darren Kennedy

as Nicholas Stamatis
Ryan Merriman

as Jordan Charles
Kim Meyers

as Margaret Charles
Jeffrey Donovan

as Kyle Charles
Jonathan Osser

as Jacob Charles
Valerie Bertinelli

as Faith Parker
Marisa Parker

as Emily Charles
Ashley Peldon

as Merritt Ritter
Samantha Mathis

as Rebecca
Denzel Washington

as Trevor McCarty
David Gallagher

as Alexander
Paul Mercurio

as Joseph Otto
Aaron Jeffrey

as Paul
William McInnes

as Mark Taylor
Judith McGraw

as Peta Taylor
Andrew Clarke

as Bill Taylor
Roxann Dawson

as Nancy
Jamie Denton

as Lyle Parker
Keene Curtis

as Alexander Fenigor
Lenny von Dohlen

as Ronald Cox
Paul Dillon

as Angelo Ritter
George Lazenby

as Major Michael Charles
Shaun Micallef

as Warwick
Jamie Durie

as Steve
Nicholas Brendon

as Bill
Valentine Pelka

as Mason
James Hong

as Mr. Lee
Lucy Liu

as Sun-Chai
James Marsters

as Him
Sidney Poitier

as Patrick
Glenn Meldrum

as Mike
Christopher Gabardi

as Rob
Rena Riffel

as Mona
Angie Harmon

as Ramona

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