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Mike Farrell

as Jarod Charles
Faye Dunaway

as Morgan Charles
Michael T. Weiss

as Jordan Charles/Younger Jarod
Andrea Parker

as Merritt Charles/Younger Morgan
Ryan Merriman

as Younger Jordan
Ashley Peldon

as Younger Merritt
Freddie Prinze Jr.

as Gabriel Charles
Anna Paquin

as Stephanie Charles
Tim Bentinck

as Sebastian MacKenzie
Hugh Jackman

as Younger Sebastian
Ming-Na Wen

as Dominique MacKenzie
Orlando Bloom

as Gideon MacKenzie
Calista Flockhart

as Keely MacKenzie
Dennis Haysbert

as Trevor McCarty
Denise Drysdale

as Elizabeth McCarty
Samantha Mumba

as Elinor McCarty
Sam Jones

as Jason McCarty
Cassie Steele

as Megan McCarty
Brad Pitt

as Alexander
Sarah Michelle Gellar

as Angelique Ritter
Gabriel Byrne

as Yuri Singer
David Boreanaz

as Younger Yuri
Debra Winger

as Emily Singer
Katie Holmes

as Michaela Singer
Tom Welling

as Raphael Otto
Josh Hartnett

as Uriel Charles
Charlize Theron

as Tempest Charles
Joshua Jackson

as Pedro
Patrick Buchau

as Sydney

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