Season of Fire
Part One


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Jarod, Miss Parker, and Ethan managed to escape the subway explosion by finding the door to a maintenance room and shutting themselves inside until the blast subsided. Jarod's arm and several ribs were broken, but Miss Parker managed to patch him up and get his arm into a cast. The two formed an uneasy alliance in order to help Ethan, and Jarod suggested taking him to Dr. Goetz (from "Crazy").

Meanwhile, Daddy Parker presented his son, Gabriel, to the Triumvirate's ruling Council of Nine on the child's first birthday. Gabriel amazed them by not only completing puzzles and reading simple words, but by locating an imposter in the room. Based on his accomplishment, DP was nominated for Chairman of the Triumvirate Council, the highest position in the Centre's worldwide organization.

Major Charles learned that Zoe had lied to Jarod -- her cancer was not in remission. Needing to get back to Emily, he left her in the hospital with her family, where Mr. Lyle and Mr. Cox found her. Hoping to cripple Jarod's emotions and thereby make him suffer, Cox killed Zoe with a shot of potassium nitrate. He also left behind a calling card: a small Origami figure of Onysius, the Greek god of retribution.

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