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When Jarod disappears during a phone conversation with Sydney, Miss Parker takes on the job of locating him. Following a series of clues, and receiving unexpected messages which remind her that she's being watched, she finally realizes that Jarod is trying to show her what he goes through -- constantly having to look over his shoulder while trying to help people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lyle tries to see Gabriel and is refused, presumably on Miss Parker's instructions. He's putting together a plan of action, anticipating the time, perhaps quite soon, when he will take over his father's position. As part of that plan, he begins using a computer for the first time. However, upon returning from a meeting and discovering that someone -- Angelo -- has formatted the hard drive and wiped out his data, Lyle gives up in disgust.

After a nightmare about Jarod, during which her first name to is finally revealed to be Morgan, Miss Parker grows tired and eventually ends the search -- but not before her quarry makes one last point. He sends her a picture of Gabriel, and written on the back are the words don't let it happen again.

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