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Miss Parker's House
Later that evening

The dark clouds hung heavy over the old, rustic house. Miss Parker parked her car and made it to the front door moments before the rain fell. Lightning flashed, seconds later, thunder crashed, as she fumbled with her keys and the lock.

A small light in the distance illuminated a portion of the room and the figure reclining on the couch. She opened her mouth to ask How did you get in here? but no words came. Her bag hit the floor with a soft thud and she pushed the door closed, blocking the chilling wind that accompanied the harsh storm.

She crossed the room and sat before him on the coffee table. “Jarod?” she asked, her hand brushing his knee.

His eyes slowly rose to meet hers. “Thank you.” He saw the confusion in her face. “For helping me save that child’s life.”

The only response she could manage was her fingers clasping his hand, her voice would not cooperate. He had asked for her help and she had given it. It was an odd feeling for her, but this time something was different; she was protecting the children, a response provoked by her father forbidding her to see Gabriel anymore.

“I have to go now.” Jarod rose form the soft couch, his hand still in Miss Parker’s grasp.

“I understand. And I won’t keep you here.” She released her hold on his hand.

The power flicked off as a result of the storm. Left in darkness, Miss Parker could only wait for the power to return, or risk tripping on her own furniture. Patiently she waited.

Pale illumination returned as electricity was restored to the small lamp on the end table. Raising her head, she found the space Jarod had recently occupied, void of his presence. He had done it again. Pulling that disappearing act was one of his more annoying traits.

She fell into the couch, but sprang up just as fast, having sat on something. A PEZ dispenser with a plastic hockey player for a lid was resting on the cushion. With a sigh, she picked it up and returned to the couch, flipped the dispenser open and put a piece of the sugary candy in her mouth.

End of Episode
Identity Crisis

Closing Credits:

Sam Ayers

as Sam the Sweeper

Brian Skrudland

as FBI Agent Ludwig

Michael Thomas Modano, Jr.

as Michael Hatcher

Richard Dean Anderson

as man w/ broken down Jeep

* Jarod’s notes inspired by the lyrics of Martin Page. Specifically the songs “Shape the Invisible” and “Light in Your Heart”.

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