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The Centre
Saturday Evening

Sam approached and entered the office he had visited many times during the last week. “Miss Parker?” He was astonished to find her seated behind her desk, filtering through her mail.

“Yes, Sam, it’s me.” She gave him a quick look and returned to her mail.

“Where have you been?”

She furrowed her brow and looked up at him. “None of your business.”

“Miss Parker, I’ve been trying to get this urgent package to you all week.” He held the large, stuffed envelope out to her.

Snatching the package from his hand, she sighed and pulled it open. “Probably another picture of me on an elephant,” she snarled to herself. She poured the contents onto the desk and sifted through them. Pages of material she could hardly discern as English and a typed note fell from the package. The note was a warning to not go to New Mexico. “Now you tell me.”


“Never mind. Was there anything else, Sam?”

“No, ma’am. Just glad to have you back.” The large sweeper turned and exited the office, relieved to have finally delivered the package he had toted around for a week. He passed Sydney on his way to the elevator. “Miss Parker’s in her office.”

Sydney nodded and proceeded down the hall. “Did you have a nice trip?” he asked as he stepped into the office.

“No. Do you know anything about this?” She held up the stack of paper with the indecipherable coding.

Sydney shook his head. “No, Miss Parker. Nothing.”

“Fine.” She slapped the pages onto her desk and sighed heavily as she reached for the ringing phone. “What?”

“Hello, Miss Parker. How’s Blue Cove?”

“Jarod.” She sat in her chair. “Thanks for the warning. It was a little late.”

“What warning? I never sent you a warning.” Jarod’s confused voice passed through the receiver.

“Then who sent me this message telling me not to go to New Mexico?”

“I don’t know.”

“I guess you don’t know anything about the three-inch stack of pages of codes that came with it either?”

“I’m sorry. No. And I’m sorry about your friend.”

“Yeah. Me too.” She glanced to Sydney who was pretending to be interested in a piece of art on the wall. "What else do you suppose she found?"

"I don't know, but we should probably find out."


He knew she was concerned about the *warning* from The Centre. “Just be careful, Miss Parker.” He disconnected the call and reclined in his hammock, opening and closing a butterfly knife.

End of Episode
Nakid Jarod

Closing Credits:

Pamela Gidley

as Brigitte

Harve Presnell

as Mr. Parker

Richard Matvichuk
as Medical Examiner, Rick

*Lyrics from the song Paint Me Blue by Tabitha’s Secret

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