Season of Fire
Part Two


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Jarod and Miss Parker left Ethan with Dr. Goetz, after being assured that she would do her best to keep him out of the Centre's hands and help him develop his inner sense. Their temporary alliance ended when Jarod disappeared with MP's car. Meanwhile, Broots informed her of a rumor stating that Triumvirate Station was leaving South Africa and coming to Blue Cove. That would mean the Triumvirate was about to choose a new leader for their Council of Nine. If true, there was little doubt who that would be…

Major Charles went back at the Sisters of St. Catherine convent to pick up his daughter. Emily wanted to wait until they heard from Jarod, but the Major was worried about pursuit, and told her they needed to leave as soon as possible. He assured her that they would leave a message for Jarod with the sisters, and she reluctantly agreed.

Upon returning to the Centre, MP brought her little brother, Gabriel, presents for his birthday. She read to him from The Velveteen Rabbit, and was amazed when he seemed to pick up on her thoughts about Benjamin -- the rabbit Jarod gave her for Christmas several years back. He also seemed to know she associated that book with the Pretender himself, and asked her point blank if "Dawid" was real.

Jarod received the message about Zoe too late, and arrived at the hospital only to learn that she was dead. Upon finding the figure of Onysius that Cox left for him, his grief turned to anguish, and he blamed himself for leading the Centre right to her. Later, an emotional conversation with Sydney left the psychiatrist worried not just about where Jarod would go next, but whether a season in hell was just beginning, for all of them.

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