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In pain over the loss of Zoe, Jarod decided to help out a psychology professor who had recently lost her fiancee. Part of his pretend was to interview a serial killer named Lung Li, and he found himself haunted by Lung and another killer named Kodiak Brown, for reasons he couldn't quite understand. Jarod also discovered that the dead man, a professor of journalism, had been murdered by a colleague over the content of a book he had recently written.

Meanwhile, Broots discovered that Mr. Raines' office was locked up tight with a guard on the door. Miss Parker followed Willie, and discovered Raines was still alive, currently in Renewal Wing. Although he appeared to be a vegetable, MP didn't believe it and promised she would be watching. Her father also informed her that he had been elected Chairman of the Triumvirate, and the two had an argument over little brother Gabriel's care.

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