Lost and Found


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Traveling through Maine, Jarod met the Carruthers family after their car broke down on the highway. Eight-year-old Jonathan was attending a special school for gifted children, and Jarod bonded with the boy, who reminded him of himself. Checking the school's reputation, he learned that the Centre was funding them, and might be trying to start up yet another version of the Pretender Project. Jarod had to find a way to stop them, and convince the Carruthers not to let their son be exploited.

Meanwhile, Sydney left the Centre, supposedly on vacation. Away from prying eyes and ears, he contacted Jarod and offered to send copies of the information MP and Broots dug up about Ethan. Syd claimed he wanted to help Jarod help his brother. At the same time, Miss Parker took little brother Gabriel to see Benjamin Bunny, who currently lives with Debbie Broots. Daddy Parker was upset by the disruption to his son's schedule, and the two had yet another disagreement over the child's care.

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