My Would-Be Savior


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Jarod investigates a bombing at Wyndham Academy and finds that Kendra Evans, daughter of Senator Evans, is the only student unaccounted for. Surveillance footage shows Mr. White kidnapping her. The Centre is trying to force the girl's father to approve a Defense Department budget which includes the Centre-sponsored weapon known as Bellona.

Miss Parker sees Mr. White on a news broadcast, and is determined to stop both him and her brother, who is undoubtedly involved. With Broots' help, and a little push from Jarod, she finds where Lyle is holding the girl and rescues her. An attempt to reunite her with her father results in a shooting, during which Senator Evans is killed, and Kendra disappears, courtesy of Jarod.

It turns out that the Evanses adopted Kendra, through NuGenesis. Jarod has a look at her files, and realizes he isn't the only one with a twin….

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