Ghost Story


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Investigating paranormal phenomena, Jarod takes up residence at Ammon House, which has a reputation for being haunted. The spirit he encounters there isn't ancient, but very recent: Zoe. At first she charms him, almost making him forget the real Zoe is dead. Before long, though, she turns dark and accusatory, leaving Jarod so confused and upset that he wanders outside into a snowstorm looking for her when she disappears.

Miss Parker is dismayed to learn that not only does Gabriel recognize Jarod's picture, he knows the Pretender's location and that he's in trouble. After warning her little brother not to tell anyone else, she and Sydney arrive at Ammon House just in time to keep Jarod from freezing to death in the snow. During the long night which follows, they each receive their own ghostly visitations -- Miss Parker from her mother, Sydney from Jacob.

In the end, Jarod manages to escape, but all three are unnerved by the house's uncanny ability to exploit their weaknesses and almost drive them to desperate acts.

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