Says It All


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Says It All

by Trish


Michael T. Weiss

as Jarod

Andrea Parker

as Miss Parker

Patrick Bauchau

as Sydney

Jon Gries

as Broots

Guest Starring

Harve Presnell

as Mr. Parker

Richard Marcus

as Mr. Raines

Lenny von Dohlan

as Mr. Cox

Ashley Peldon

as Kendra/Merritt Evans

Judith Stamos

as Sister Evelyn

John Stamos

as Peter Sutton

Adrian Paul

as Brett Maron

Christina Augilera

as Beckett Maron

Kelsey Mulrooney

as Debbie Broots

Paul Walker

as Dante Canetti

Joey Fatone Jr.

as Security Guard

Alyssa Timmons

as Aurora Canetti

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