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Jarod visits Kendra, who informs him that her "real" name is Merritt. She seems to have a fully-developed version of Miss Parker's inner sense, and is certain the songwriter and lead member of her favorite band, Charybdis, did not die accidentally. Jarod promises to investigate; he learns that in fact the man was murdered to prevent him from signing the band with another recording label.

Miss Parker receives a book version of "The Nutcracker" from Jarod, and reads it to Gabriel; as a special treat, they both watch Debbie Broots dance. Parker reveals that she danced in that ballet, as the Sugar Plum Fairy, once -- but only once, because of her father. She and Mr. Parker end up arguing over Gabriel's care once again, with the underlying threat that she will be forbidden to see her little brother if she keeps this up.

Mr. Cox receives a music video from Jarod, which sends a chilling message. Obviously, he has not forgotten about his vendetta against the man who killed Zoe.

Jarod reluctantly informs Merritt that she is a clone. She begs him for more information about herself, and he promises to tell her when it's safe to do so.

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