I'll Be Home For Christmas

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I'll Be Home For Christmas

by KB


Michael T. Weiss

as Jarod

Andrea Parker

as Miss Parker

Patrick Bauchau

as Sydney

Jon Gries

as Broots

Guest Starring

Jamie Denton

as Lyle

George Lazenby

as Major Charles

Marisa Parker

as Emily

Kim Meyers

as Jarod's Mother

Catherine Dent

as Dr. Goetz

Tyler Christopher

as Ethan

Jeffrey Donovan

as Kyle

Ryan Merriman

as Young Jarod

Ashley Peldon

as Young Miss Parker

Jake Lloyd

as Young Angelo

Barry Bostwick

as Charles Wilson

Gloria Stuart

as Judy Wilson

John Goodman

as Allan Cochran

Mara Wilson

as Myra  Morrison

Greta Scaachi

as June Morrison

Richard Attenborough

as Peter Stevens

Embeth Davidtz

as Rose Clark

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