I'll Be Home For Christmas


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Jarod speaks briefly to Dr. Goetz, checking on Ethan and wishing them a Merry Christmas. He then decides to go to Santa School, and is assigned to be the Santa at Nordstrom's Department Store in Baltimore. The experience is a humbling one, as he sees not only greedy children who want bagloads of toys, but sad children who want nothing more than to be with their family again.

He also investigates the disappearance of Charles Wilson, the usual Nordstrom Santa, and discovers him mourning the loss of his mother. Jarod learns that one of the nursing home workers tried to cheat Wilson's mother out of her money. When that failed, he killed her, making it look like an accident. Jarod exacts retribution, but realizes that creating a sting is far more troubling to him than it used to be.

Meanwhile, at the Centre, both Sydney and Miss Parker receive medallions from Jarod. Sydney's has a picture of the Mount Pleasant Home on the front, and a drawing of Syd and Jacob's first communion on the back. Miss Parker's has a scene of herself and her parents at Christmas on the front, and a picture of her and Jarod's first kiss on the back. He also sends a DSA of a happy family at Christmas, reminding them how important family is at this time of year.

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