Two Moments,
One Breath


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As the countdown to the new year begins, Jarod's feelings of guilt and loss over Zoe reach critical mass. The abrupt suicide of a new friend pushes him over the edge into clinical depression. Jarod comes perilously close to ending things himself, but finally allows the compassionate Dr. Nixon to help him deal with his pain.

Meanwhile, Miss Parker learns of the death of a college friend. Spending time with Laura, double-dating and having other kinds of fun, was the closest she ever came to normalcy. Her neglect of that relationship, now gone forever, causes her to re-examine her own feelings.

On New Year's Eve, Jarod and Parker realize that their lives, although difficult, have also had bright moments. Instead of continuing to mourn what they can never have back, they each decide to work separately toward making things better in the future.

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