A Life Less Ordinary


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And so we’re finally back to that chase I mentioned at the very start…

I round the corner, knowing I’m far enough ahead to be safe now, and throw open the door to the room that constitutes my “back-up plan.” Okay, so old habits die hard. Putting Dog down, I wait for a few seconds until I hear the pounding footsteps. As she appears, I grab her and pull her into the room, shutting the door firmly behind us and glaring at her.

“What was that for? I thought we were beyond this, Parker.”

She shrugs, leaning against the wall to catch her breath. “Just trying to keep up appearances.”

“For who? Do you know how many blocks ago Lyle gave up the chase?”

“Well, I didn’t notice, did I?”

I eye her empty hands. “So that would explain why you’re not carrying your gun.”

“Better aerodynamics.”

Snorting, I bend down to pick up Dog who has been looking from one to the other as if we’re both crazy. Actually, come to think of it…

“So what are you doing here anyway?”

I eye her in amusement. “You weren’t paying a lot of attention when you got stopped outside that church, were you?”

“I was…distracted.”

I can see her eyeing my left hand and can’t help grinning. “No, Parker, I’m not the person getting married. Don’t worry, I’m not going to dive in to something like that, at least not with anyone else, not after what we went through in Barrow. ”

As I’m about to leave the room, she grabs my arm.

“Have you heard from Rebecca lately?”

I shrug carelessly. ”I haven’t talked to her for a few weeks. Why?”

“Lyle got a report that Andromeda was down here. I thought you might know.”

Why on earth couldn’t somebody have told me when I called? All the things I’ve been imagining, and that’s all it was. Rolling my eyes, I glare at her again. If she knew what I’ve gone through in the last four days…

“So now I get to find out what the lot of you were doing here. You could have told me at the start. It would have made things a lot less complicated.”

”For who?”

“Oh, everybody.” Reaching into the pocket of my jacket, I pull out a small pack of all-natural cold remedy. Something about her voice on the phone a few days ago gave me the clue…

“If you’d thought to mention it at the beginning, you could have already been back in Blue Cove, curled up on the sofa with a good book in front of the fire, instead of the fun little thunderstorm that the weather report mentioned you’re going to have to fly back through this afternoon, with one person reading and the other trying not to get sick all over your lap while the third sulks in a seat opposite you, unless, of course, you’re lucky and Lyle thumbs a lift with someone else.”

In my best flight-attendant manner, as I put the package into her unresisting hand and open the other door of the room, I smile. “Have a nice day!”

Even as I’m climbing into the car, I can hear her snort. With such a blocked nose, that can’t be pleasant …

End of Episode
A Life Less Ordinary

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