A Shot in the Dark


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A Shot in the Dark

by KB


Michael T. Weiss

as Jarod

Andrea Parker

as Miss Parker

Patrick Bauchau

as Sydney

Jon Gries

as Broots

Guest Starring

Paul Dillon

as Angelo
Harve Presnell

as Mr. Parker
Ryan Merriman

as Jordan/Young Jarod
George Lazenby

as Major Charles
Tyler Christopher

as Ethan
Sam Ayres

as Sam
Kelsey Mulrooney

as Debbie
Jeff Bowser

as Dannie Minor
Jim Haynie

as Ben Miller

Richard Marcus

as Dr. William Raines

Babara Babcock

as Dr. Edna Raines

Alex Wexo

as Young Sydney

Jake Lloyd

as Young Angelo
Candace Bergen

as Eve
Darren Kennedy

as Nicholas
Leigh Taylor-Young

as Michelle
Hugh Jackman

as Sebastian
Oded Fehr

as Namir

John Neville

as Dr. Wolfram Leiden

Colin Firth

as Mr. Delius

Emilia Fox

as Maria

Justine Waddell

as Julia
Masayo Kato

as Tommy Tanaka
Bob Lem

as Sammy Tanaka
Kate Beckinsale

as Clare
Christopher Atkins

as Michael
Paul Mercurio

as Joseph
Russell Crowe

as Alastair
Jonathan Taylor Thomas

as Young Alastair

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