Unfinished Business,
The Third Twin

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Unfinished Business,
The Third Twin

by KB


Michael T. Weiss

as Jarod

Andrea Parker

as Miss Parker

Patrick Bauchau

as Sydney

Jon Gries

as Broots

Guest Starring

Jamie Denton

as Lyle
George Clooney

as Valentine
Paul Dillon

as Angelo
Lenny von Dohlan

as Mr. Cox
Keene Curtis

as Mr. Fenigor
Harve Presnell

as Mr. Parker
Alex Wexo

as Young Sydney
Sam Ayers

as Sam the Sweeper
Charles Esten

as Charles
Ryan Merriman

as Jordan
Marisa Parker

as Emily
David Boreanz

as Yuri
Lenny von Dohlen

as Cox
George Lazenby

as Major Charles
Hugh Jackman

as Sebastian
Denzel Washington

as Trevor
Russell Crowe

as Alastair
Lorraine Bracco

as Carly
Robert Duncan MacNeill

as Peter Winston
Sigrid Thornton

as Elizabeth

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