Blood Will Tell


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Blood Will Tell

by Victoria Rivers
and Blue Cove


Michael T. Weiss

as Jarod

Andrea Parker

as Miss Parker

Patrick Bauchau

as Sydney

Jon Gries

as Broots

Guest Starring

Richard Marcus

as Raines
Paul Dillon

as Angelo
Candace Bergen

as Eve
Harve Presnell

as Mr. Parker
Lenny von Dohlan

as Mr. Cox
James Marsters

as “Him”
Angelina Jolie

as Mimi Roberts
George Clooney

as Valentine
Alex Wexo

as Jacob/Younger Sydney
Kim Basinger

as Alexis Moore
Nicholas Cage

as Terry Camp
Marg Hellenberger

as Pat duBois
Lani Tupu

as The Man in the Balcony
Justin Hayward

as David
Rutger Hauer

as Mr. Kruger
David McCallum

as Mr. Voorhees

as Mr. Tshwane

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