Flying High


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Flying High

by KB


Michael T. Weiss

as Jarod


Patrick Bauchau

as Sydney

Guest Starring

George Lazenby

as Major Charles
Ryan Merriman

as Jordan
Rebecca Gibney

as Lauren Taylor
Andrew Clarke

as Bill Taylor
Judith McGraw

as Peta Taylor
Brett Climo

as Steve Taylor
William McInnes

as Mark Taylor
Mandaway Yunupingu

as Pete Tingay
Nikki Coghill

as Susie
Matt Day

as Joel
Gary Sweet

as Bruce
Ben Tari

as Dave Faraday
Nikki Webster

as Henrietta Faraday
Ernie Dingo

as John
Andrew McKaige

as Man on Plane
David Wenham

as Barman
Aaron Jeffery

as Paul

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