Episode One



On Planet Y2063

Eyes. Big wild eyes. Leaves and sticks - a camouflage attached to the remains of the uniform, Shane's uniform. She sits inside the bush like a predator awaiting for a pray, but she's tired and weary. Her eyes constantly survey the jungle surrounding her. Her hands are glued to the gun that's laying on her laps. She's fighting sleep; her head is slowly going down.

Shane's eyes dart toward the thick canopy of leaves and branches, manmade shelter. There's someone lying on the bed of grass. Silver space blanket covered with leaves and grass to conceal the out of place color of the plastic sheet. Vanessa. Camouflage painted on her face makes her hard to notice. Her breath is slowly and irregular, like the body is refusing to breathe, to stay alive. She has a wooden, hollowed out piece of wood sticking from her mouth, a very primitive feeding tube.

Leaves rustle. Shane opens her eyes alert. She tries to look through the jungle. Nothing, nobody. Just the branch falling down through the leaves. Shane breathes the sigh of relief. She stands up and gets to Vanessa. She looks at her with concern. Shane lifts up the bandage over Vanessa's arm. The wound doesn't look good. It's red and inflamed. Shane opens the supplies and looks in silence at remains of the first aid kit. Shane sighs sadly. She grabs an almost empty packet with a white antibiotic powder, spreads the medicine over Damphousse's arm and binds it.

"Vanessa, I promise I'll get you back to Saratoga" Shane whispers to her unconscious friend. "I promise."

Tears shine in Shane's eyes.

"Vanessa, please open your eyes, I can't take this anymore alone."

Shane sits back on the ground.

Growling. Strange sound, not human, more animal like. Shane sighs. She silently gets up and moves the lean-to. She digs out from the pile of supplies the MRI packet. The last one. Shane contemplates the meal and puts it back. She picks up the yellow container of "Survival Tabs". She opens the container and spills all the tablets into her hand. 12 - a four-day supply.

"Don't worry Phousse. I'm not going to eat that bar. It's waiting for you as I promised."

Growling again.

"I can't help it. My stomach is making a whole-symphony."

A pile of dirt, with a metal spider web sticking up into the air, blurts static for a split second. Shane watches it closely. But that it no more sounds. Shane looks at unconscious Vanessa.

"I know they are coming for us." Shane's words almost sound like a prayer.

Vansen moves the dirt away revealing a radio and cranks the handle to wind it up.

The planet Yankee-2063 gets covered with black veil of the night instantly. No dusk. Shane pulls out from her pocket a Cyalume green stick and breaks it. The stick starts to emit a faint green light.

Shane sticks into the ground. Then she opens a Pocket Cooker grabs a handful of dry leaves and starts the fire. From the white Penta Pure bottle she squeezes a cup of water into a metal can and lets it cook on the mini stove. She takes a tablet dissolves it into the water. Slowly and gently she pours down the liquid through the makeshift feeding tube down Vanessa's throat. Shane swallows her meal in a tablet with warm water and gets back into her sentry role.

Vanessa groans. Shane springs to her feet. Phousse tries to breathe, but the stick in her mouth is blocking choking her. Shane yanks the tube out. Vanessa gulps for air.

"Shane?" Damphousse opens her glistening from fewer eyes.

"Don't talk. It's all right. I'm right here." Shane holds Vanessa tight

"I had a dream about Paul. He was dressed in his Bears' uniform and he was going away. He just looked at me and didn't even say goodbye. And then I couldn't see him only a bright light" Vanessa starts to cry silently.

Shane holds her like a child and rocks back and forth with tears rolling down her face.

Above the trees a wind blows away the dark clouds and the night sky speckled with millions of shimmering points appear.

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